Company Overview

VATAN CNC History 

VATAN CNC headquartered in Istanbul, is among the leading companies in its sector with its 20 years of experience. VATAN CNC has taken its place among the leading companies in the CNC Machine Tools Sector by combining its experience and knowledge gained in the machinery sector for many years with a team specialized in import, sales and service of High Technology CNC machines.

Since its inception, our company has worked with many leading
international companies to provide 
its customers with the most
accurate solutions 
and to deliver the best machines in the most
suitable conditions.


Our Service Policy

In every industry in which we work, in every service we provide, we keep up with the first excitement,

To ensure the continuity of satisfaction by correctly perceiving and fulfilling the expectations and requests of our customers,
To improve performance by supporting the development of our staff,
To feel the awareness of being a team with all our agencies,
To maintain our leadership in the geography w h e re we serve,
To provide the best technical service and the highest quality machines to our industrialists.

Our Aim

Our company stands with specialized sales and service technician on behalf of well known manufacturers of our country.

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Istanbul Center Showroom

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Education and Seminar Room

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Technical Service Room

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Spindle Technicaly Service Room

Our Mission

Vatan CNC Professional Technical Service Team; "Highest Service
Quality and Customer 
Satisfaction" continues to work with the goal
being a model and reference company.
Vatan CNC is always on its way to becoming an unrivaled company
that is always open to 
improvement and renews itself day by day
expands its reference network with the companies it incorporates
As a close watcher of the new technological developments in all matters
affecting our 
business, we expand our knowledge and experience by
assessing our productivity, 
personal and professional education as




Our brands

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Taiwan's Leader CNC producer with

his high quality, high accuracy

technologic products. Wiesser and

his partner companies in Swiss they

have well known name in europe

market and supply many technologies

to Europe countries. 

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HAITIAN has 349,000 m² one

of the World’s Biggest machine

producing facility with more then

1500 employees and company has

many national and international

awards about their high technology


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Jyoti published year 1989 with his

huge 700.000 m2 factory. Yearly

manufacturing capacity of Jyoti is

5.000 CNC Machine. 2018-2019 Jyoti

has chosen the most successfull CNC

producer in the work by Economic

Times magazine.

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World first CNC control swiss type

of lathe produced by Manurhin K'MX.

Company has the most technologic

factory facilities in europe. With high

experience and capability Manurhin

will give always new technologies

to market.

Our Most Popular Products

Product Type & Models



Wiesser Performans Series CNC Machining Center:

MV300, MV500, MV700, MV760, MV1000, MV1300 …

Molding is designed for Aviation, Defense Industry, Automotive and Mass production. Speed, Power and Precision all together ...

Haitian Precision High Speed Machining Center 

VMC760II, VMC850II, VMC1000II, VMC1200II

Quality, Speed and Economy together in Molding, Aviation, Defense Industry, Automotive and Mass Production Sector.

Haitian Precision Double Column CNC Machines 


Haitian Precision Double Cloumn CNC Machines, which are preferred in all areas of the machining industry and working actively over the world, make a difference ...

Manurhin   K'MX  CNC Swiss Type CNC Lathe:

K'MX 413 (6 Axis, Diameter: 13mm) 

K'MX 432 (6 Axis, Diameter: 32mm) 

K'MX 532 TREND (7 Axis, Diameter:32mm)  
K'MX632 (8 Axis, Diameter:32mm) 
K'MX 632 DUO (8 Axis, Diameter:32mm) 
K'MX 732 EVO (9 Axis, Diameter:32mm) 
K'MX 816 CLEVER (10 Axis, Diameter:16mm) 
K'MX 916 CLEVER (11 Axis, Diameter:16mm) 
K'MX SWING (12 Axis, Diameter:32mm)

Manurhin K'MX, the World's First CNC Swiss Type Lathe Manufacturer, has the largest technological production facility in Europe and continues to invent the firsts by combining technology with its experience.

High Precision Turning / Turn-Mill Center : 

AX-200, AX-300, AX-400 …

It is designed for very sensitive jobs used in Aerospace Industry.

Jyoti CNC Slant Bed CNC Lathe:

DX-60, DX-100, DX-150, DX-200, DX-250, DX-350 …

DX Series appeals to the general manufacturing sector with its 2 axis and C axis machines ...

Jyoti CNC Vertical Machining Center :

RX Serisi, VMC Performance Series 

It was designed for mass production as well as for the Molding Industry. 

Jyoti Bridge Type CNC Machining Center:

NX2215, NX3215, NX3222, NX4222

It is designed for high precision volume mold manufacturing & machine parts and complementary equipment manufacturing and heavy duty work. 

Jyoti Automation Series CNC Robotic Lathe:                                                    

AT-160, ATM-160

With high speed electro spindle, automatic part feeding system automated cnc machine with robot system.

Jyoti Double Spindle, Double Turret ve Gantry Lathe:


Unmanned automation CNC machines designed for mass production

Jyoti CNC Double Spindle, Double Turret Turning Center:


Flexibility in operation. It is designed to complete complex parts in one operation

  Jyoti CNC Oval Machining Turning Center:


CNC Eliptical turning center,  Designed for eliptical parts which needs high accuracy. 


Jyoti CNC Horizontal Machining Center:

HX Serie, HSX Serie

4 Axis Horizontal Machining Center serving in the Automobile Industry

Jyoti Moving Column CNC Vertical Machining Center:

SX Series, EX Series

It is Designed for Flexibility and Faster Production in Machining

CNC Machines For Automotive Sector

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

Wiesser MV1000

Differential body processing machine

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

Haitian VMC1000II

High Speed CNC Machining Center

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

Jyoti ATM160

Designed for machining diffrencal body

tezgahı (Yakın nizam giriş bölme)

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

Manurhin K'MX CNC Swiss Type Of Lathe

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

HSX 540 Horizontal CNC Machining Center

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

Jyoti DX 250 CNC Lathe

CNC Machines For Aviation And Defense Sector

DX-Large Series CNC Lathe


  • Motor Mill   
  • Turbine disk   
  • Powertrain:
    Flange and power transmission parts
  • Military armored vehicle: 
    Tank Chain Parts

AX & TMX Multi axis Turning center


  • Motor Mill   
  • Turbine disk      
  • Drive Systems:
    Transmission parts  
    Hydraulic parts
    Crank shafts
  • Defense: 
    Night Vision Equipment
    Gun Barrel
    Rifle Parts
    Bomb Shell Body

MV Series CNC Vertical machining center
  • Motor Mill   
  • Turbine disk      
  • Aircraft and space industry:
    Vertical trail parts

  • Defense: 
    Gun Barrel Extension
    Weapon Rear Block, Rifle Body
    Trigger & Guide parts


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