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Our company, which has over 20 years of knowledge and experience, is one of the most experienced companies in the sector, operating in CNC machine import, sales and after-sales services. Our founders combined their experience and knowledge gained over many years in the machinery industry with a team specialized in the import, sale and service of High-Tech CNC machines, enabling VATAN CNC to take its place among the leading companies in the Machine Tool Sector.
Since the day it was founded, our company has cooperated with many leading international companies in order to offer the most accurate solutions to its customers and to deliver the best machines under the most favorable conditions.

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Our Service Policy

In every industry in which we work, in every service we provide, we keep up with the first excitement,

To ensure the continuity of satisfaction by correctly perceiving and fulfilling the expectations and requests of our customers,
To improve performance by supporting the development of our staff,
To feel the awareness of being a team with all our agencies,
To maintain our leadership in the geography w h e re we serve,
To provide the best technical service and the highest quality machines to our industrialists.

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Our Aim

Our company stands with specialized sales and service technician on behalf of well known manufacturers of our country.

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Our Brands

HAITIAN has 1.000.000 m² one of the World’s Biggest machine producing facility with more then 10.000 employees and company has many national and international
awards about their high technology factories.

Among Taiwan's Leading Machinery Manufacturers With High Quality and Performance
Machines Featured Wiesser, Strategic in Switzerland Partnerships with the European Market Highlights.

Manurhin K'MX, the World's First Swiss Type Lathe Manufacturer, has
the largest technological manufacturing facility in Europe and continues to realize the firsts by combining Technology with Experience.

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